Saturday, April 21, 2007

Design in nature is self-evident!

GilDodgen at uncommondescent is complaining, because:

Even the most vociferous and vehement ID opponents (e.g., Richard Dawkins) admit that design in nature appears to be self-evident. Why then, the heroic efforts to explain design away, with such silliness as random variation and natural selection providing the engine that produced highly sophisticated biological software and information-processing systems?
Is GilDodgen serious? Yes, most people (including me) would argue that design in nature is self-evident. I know of no one that is trying to explain design away. What is being constantly criticized is the idea of intelligent design. In science, the apparent design of living organisms emerges due to various evolutionary mechanisms, such as selection. I can see why someone that is new to the ID/evolution debate might not have realised this, but GilDodgen has been doing this for some time now. He should really know better.


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