Sunday, January 07, 2007

ID says nothing about the designer...

A central tenet of intelligent design (ID) is that it does not address the nature or identity of the designer in question. With this in mind, one has to wonder why ID proponents (Dembski included) constantly claim that there is more to the universe than materialism. For example, Dembski's pal Denyse O'Leary writes in her blog (Friday 5th Jan, 2007):

I wonder how Dyson would feel about materialist scientists just leaving the ID guys alone to just get on with their work: One of them wrote me recently, saying poignantly, "If only they would just leave us alone, but they can't and won't." Of course not. If ID is right in any particular, materialism is dead. (bolding added)
Bearing in mind ID refusal to say anything about the designer, O'Leary's (bolded) comment above rests on bad logic. Since ID says nothing about whether or not the designer is material or not, even if ID is right, materialism would not necessarily be dead. Unless of course ID does say something about the designer...


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