Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bored of the Games

William Dembski blogged at uncommondescent (Dec 29th) about a new board game (Intelligent Design vs Evolution) and commented:

You know you’ve arrived when you’re the topic of a board game (look for “ID — The Movie” next).
Given that one of the creators of the game has a web-site for the game that is full of straw-men and that creationist whacko Ken Ham writes about it:

"Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are doing much more than revealing the bankruptcy of molecules-to-man evolution. They have a greater purpose: proclaiming biblical authority and reaching the lost with the precious gospel message. Enjoy this wonderful family game as you also become better equipped to defend our precious Christian faith." -- Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis.
, you can be pretty sure that the claim:

We are very excited about this game because it presents both sides of the creation evolution argument,...
really means that they are presenting - not evolution - but rather their twisted illogical crap version of it. Oh, yes Bill, you've arrived alright. It's just that you have totally failed to arrive at anything worthy of consideration.

PS. The object of the game is to collect rubber brains, something which would actually be a good description of Dembski et al.


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