Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The enlightenment...

'Tis the seaon to not write much it would seem. My additions to this blog have been few and far between as of lately. The reason is that there hasn't been that much to comment about. uncommondescent et al might have written a bit, but none of it has been that interesting - it's just been a bit of random moaning. Including the latest by William Dembski (Dec 4th). Under "Doubts about Darwinism" he quotes something someone wrote in 1920, where "Darwinists" are described as "fighters for a lost cause" and "He will inform you of your ignorance; he will not enlighten your ignorance". As per usual, Dembski doesn't add any comments on his own. I, however, would like to comment on "He will inform you of your ignorance; he will not enlighten your ignorance".

I’m not sure from where Dembski gets all his information, but when claiming that the “Darwinists” don’t enlighten, he must have his head stuck up somewhere the Sun doesn’t shine. A cursory glance through the peer-reviewed published literature, the multitude of popular-science books and not to mention the vibrant internet community (e.g. talkorigins) would show Dembski that there is indeed a lot of enlightenment going on. He might have to look for it, but he would not have to look hard.

How much enlightenment does ID provide? Dembski would supposedly have us believe that “the intelligent designer did it” outputs more candelas than the average star. In fact, most of ID is actually summed up in the previous sentence.

Bill, get real!


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