Tuesday, July 03, 2007

First denialism about the HIV/AIDS link, now...

... we are told by a certain BobMort that antibiotic resistant bacteria are no threat to humanity, since
What they failed to notice was that each time a bacteria becomes immune to an antibiotic, it usually becomes dramatically weakened and less able to survive in other respects.
Evolutionist doctors believe that antibiotic resistance is a bad thing because in their world-view, the thing they fear the most is a strain of bacteria which is reistant to multiple forms of antibiotic; however what they have failed to comprehend is that such a bacterial strain would have been so weakened by evolution as to become hardly a danger to mankind.
Evolution is nothing to be afraid of, and can only practically weaken a strain of bacteria to the point where it is no longer a threat.
I've previously discussed that the acquisition of antibiotic resistance does not necessarily lead to decreased fitness in an environment where antibiotics are absent, so BobMort's point is dud from the word go. There is, on top of this, a notable irony in BobMost's writings as well. He claims:
In a nutshell, these podcasts explain that doctors have mis-understood the concept of antibiotic resistance, mainly because they have applied a materialistic, evolutionary world-view to this problem.
The irony is that, as detailed in his previous quotes above, he appeals to materialistic, evolutionary processes to argue that antibiotic resistance is NOT a problem. The fact that the topic of his post was about how ID was to lead to practical medical advances makes it all even more ironic.


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I'm sorry ... you've been tagged. It's all Wilkins' fault .


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