Monday, July 02, 2007

ID awards coming your way

The ID movement has for a long time been criticized for not conducting any research, instead spending all it's hard-earned cash on merely promoting it's philosophical position. Today, things are about to change. As of this year,
The Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Center (IDURC) is proud to present the 2007 Casey Luskin Graduate Award, presented annually to a deserving college graduate for excellence in student advocacy of intelligent design.
Oh, wait. The award is not awarded because of any research performed - it is awarded for promoting ID. Nothing new under the Sun then.

Interestingly, the recipient of the award is to be kept anonymous. The stated reason for this is:
The recipient of the 2007 Casey Luskin Graduate Award will remain anonymous for the protection of the recipient. The many students, professors, and scientists who have been denied degrees or tenure, and removed from positions and jobs for no other reason than acceptance of—or even sympathy to—intelligent design theory is very telling of the importance of keeping these bright young minds out of the crosshairs of those opposed to open-minded investigation and critical thought.
Given that the award is given out to be people because they are already known to promote ID, I really don't understand what the secrecy is about. Even if the recipient posts anonymously on a blog, why not name the blog? Not that it really matters, I'm just wondering...


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