Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New website - expansion of The DesignInterference

After blogging about the predictions that ID supposedly make (Nov 12th, 2006) and then engaging in a debate about the very same point at overwhelmingevidence, I decided that I would, now and then, write articles that are a bit more formal than my usual blogs. These articles will deal with some of the more fundamental problems with ID and will also be a bit more "meaty" than my posts at "The DesignInterference". I have created a separate web-site, On the ID World, for these articles (this site will also contain some other writings that are not ID related). The first ID article, No, Intelligent Design Theory can NOT predict!, is on now online.

The new site looks HIGHLY similar to my other web-site, "In an ID World", from where the code was taken and some of the menu-options of "On the ID World" still link there. I will change this as soon as I have the time available.



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