Friday, February 23, 2007

The tree of life

DaveScot at uncommondescent (22nd Feb, 2007) is a bit perplexed because the tree of life (i.e. a representation of the relatedness of species) changes over time. This is, as anyone who knows even the tiniest bit of science, how things go as new observations are acquired and taken into account. DaveScot, however, thinks that this is something worthy of ... actually, I'm not really sure what he is trying to do. As lots of ID proponents keep pointing out, common descent is in fact compatible with ID. The two trees of life he shows pictures of are both compatible with ID. ANY tree of life is compatible with ID. In fact, your average boreal forest and even a random smackering of dots on a piece of A4 paper is compatible with ID. Heck, ANYTHING is compatible with ID (apart from the obvious exception where intelligence has never played any part in anything). And this is, of course, why ID is useless.


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